The Lush Haul Featuring New Summer Products


It's always time to treat yourself with Lush

I haven't posted a Lush haul on my blog in aageess. I can't remember when the last one was - I think it was for Mother's Day. ANYWAYS, yesterday I had to give more of my money to them as (1.) the shower creams are being discontinued - whyyyyy and (2.) There's new products to try yaaaay.

001: Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream: This is like my holy grail shower cream because it smells like coconut and summers. And I'm really sad it's going. Lush how could you do this to meee?? It's packed with cocoa butter as well, so it's lovely and moisturising. And your gal had to stock up - and upsize to 500g. I cannot live without it.

002: Yuge hot oil hair treatment: A new range of the hair treatments have come to the company and these are just like those hot chocolates on a stick! This one has peppermint oil to cool and stimulate the hair to help hair growth, sea salt to give volume and extra virgin olive oil to give strength to the hair. I'm very excited to give this a go and I'll check back in with you guys on my Lush insta: @lushieayy.

003: The Birth Of Venus jelly mask: Love shower jellies? Then you'll love the new jelly masks! There's five in the range and this was the one that called to me. The Birth Of Venus is full of fresh sea water to tone and refresh, lavender absolute to calm and rose petal infusion to soothe the skin. It smells amazing and I can't wait to get stuck in. Literally.

004: Think Pink bath bomb: Remember that tiny pink bath bomb with sugar petals on top? Yeah this is the same one but it's grown up! It smells EXACTLY the same but is a bit like twilight in that it foams, then starts fizzing and rolls over releasing pretty silvery blues. The bomb is supposed to look like folds of silk and is covered in pretty lustre that comes from seaweed. Oh my it's sweetly stunning.

Have you guys tried the new products yet?


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  1. That hot oil treatment sounds so lovely! xxx

    1. it does! hopefully my hair will feel amazing after! x

  2. I love the sound of a jelly mask! I haven't heard about them, need to go into store and take a look at those for sure!

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

    1. They came out a couple of weeks ago and the others smell so nice :)

  3. I've never gotten round to purchasing yuzu and cocoa shower cream ahhh, I'll have to pick it up before it goes!

    Lucie | Forever September

    1. Get it quick before it goes! It's AMAZING!!!


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